5 Baking Supplies I Can’t Live Without

Silicon pastry brushes

When I first started baking in earnest, I would get frequently frustrated because I kept having to improvise as I didn’t have critical supplies in my kitchen.  I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets and baking supplies and I have an entire cabinet filled with baking things – I might have a bit of an addiction .. or at the very least, a hoarding problem.  Either way  – over time, I have come to rely on a handful of supplies that I bring out each and every time.  Here is my list – along with my reasons why I find these items to be ‘must haves’.

1.  Silicon Pastry Brushes

Because no matter how many regular pastry brushes I buy, I always end up with brush hair in my pastry!  I finally bought these silicon ones and they work wonderfully and leave exactly zero hairs in my bakes.

2.  Several 9-inch Cake Pans

Layers of cake – – layers and layers of cake!  I used to only have one 9-inch pan, now I have 4.  Two in the dishwasher from last night and two in the oven for tonight (we like cake around here!)

3. Silicon Rolling Mat

SUPER easy to clean, ’nuff said.

4. Precut Parchment Baking Paper

Because I’m lazy and I will admit that I don’t always know where my scissors are.  These beauties are pre-cut and fit my cookie sheets out of the box.  I go through them like wildfire.

5. Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper

This has so many uses beyond mixing bread and pastry dough on the work surface.  I use it to score pastry, cut pastry, measure pastry and scrape pastry off my counter.

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