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Owner of the World's Largest Sweet Tooth
Total amateur baker. I enjoy baking a lot and have recently gotten into baking as a hobby because I love the variety and the precision of baking. I plan to post stuff regularly on the weekends, as this is purely a hobby blog. A lot of the content here is just me learning and having fun. I bake as a hobby and for stress relief – you’d be surprised at how much stress can be relieved by viciously kneading bread dough!

My Day Job

By day, I am the Chief Operating Officer and partner at WebDevStudios, a full service WordPress development and design agency. I am also the author of WordPress For Dummies, and several other books in the Dummies series around design, development and WordPress. Running a business can be pretty stressful, but fun, really – and fulfilling.

When I need a creative outlet, however, I generally turn to food. I grow my own food during the short months that Wisconsin weather allows me to. I do a lot of canning and making of jellies and jams in the Spring and Summer. This blog is called “Baking Blog” – but you may find that I will write about my gardening and canning efforts during that season, because it takes up a lot of my off time during the months of May through August.

Because I have a professional life that keeps me busy, fulfills me and takes up pretty much every hour of my Monday through Friday, I will usually only post my recipes and food adventures here on the weekends.  I am definitely not looking to enter the massive ‘food blogging’ fray – I just think writing about my cooking adventures is fun.

I’ve been doing it for awhile on my Facebook account, so I figured I’d do it here and eventually (hopefully) have a record of some of our family favorites.  Also, I recently binged watched 3 entire seasons of The Great British Bake Off, which re-ignited my love for baking. 

life is too short. eat cake.

I grew up learning to bake in my mother’s kitchen – it was one of the things that she did extremely well. She passed away in the summer of 2016 and when we cleared out her home to prepare it for sale, I came across a treasure trove of cookbooks, notebooks and index cards with recipes and notes that had been passed down from her mother, and her mother before her. Baking is therapy for me right now. It gives me something else to focus on other than the stressors of life. I have always loved to COOK and create in the kitchen, but BAKING has a certain precision to it that appeals to me.

I’m a pretty messy baker, my food photography sucks and I’m not much of a food stylist – so if you're here, please adjust your expectations 🙂   A lot of the time, my bakes don’t look as lovely and dainty .. or Insta-worthy, as most – but they are pretty tasty! I enjoy sharing my bakes with neighbors, family & friends – mainly so I don’t end up weighing 500lbs as a result of a hobby. 

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