Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Owner of the World's Largest Sweet Tooth
Total amateur baker. I enjoy baking a lot and have recently gotten into baking as a hobby because I love the variety and the precision of baking. I plan to post stuff regularly on the weekends, as this is purely a hobby blog. A lot of the content here is just me learning and having fun. I bake as a hobby and for stress relief – you’d be surprised at how much stress can be relieved by viciously kneading bread dough!

My Day Job

By day, I am the Chief Operating Officer and partner at WebDevStudios, a full service WordPress development and design agency. I am also the author of WordPress For Dummies, and several other books in the Dummies series around design, development and WordPress. Running a business can be pretty stressful, but fun, really – and fulfilling.

When I need a creative outlet, however, I generally turn to food. I grow my own food during the short months that Wisconsin weather allows me to. I do a lot of canning and making of jellies and jams in the Spring and Summer. This blog is called “Baking Blog” – but you may find that I will write about my gardening and canning efforts during that season, because it takes up a lot of my off time during the months of May through August.

Because I have a professional life that keeps me busy, fulfills me and takes up pretty much every hour of my Monday through Friday, I will usually only post my recipes and food adventures here on the weekends.  I am definitely not looking to enter the massive ‘food blogging’ fray – I just think writing about my cooking adventures is fun.

I’ve been doing it for awhile on my Facebook account, so I figured I’d do it here and eventually (hopefully) have a record of some of our family favorites.  Also, I recently binged watched 3 entire seasons of The Great British Bake Off, which re-ignited my love for baking. 

Instagram did not return a 200.


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