Quick(er) Room Temperature Butter

Quick, Fast Room Temperature butter

I don’t know how many times I have decided that I’m in the mood to bake something only to have to wait for my butter to warm up to room temperature.  I have made the massive mistake of popping it in the microwave, though.  I usually end up with a puddle of butter, or I end up with a stick of butter that turns into a puddle once I cut into the middle of it.  Microwaves are super touchy and not the least bit dependable when it comes to butter – – unless you’re looking for melted butter.  I even have a microwave with a specific setting for butter – but, still, it’s unreliable.

I’ve read about several methods to hurry butter up to room temperature.  You can put butter in a mason jar and then lower the mason jar into a bowl of warm water.   If you’re really stressed and want to get out some pent up energy – put butter in a ziplock bag, seal it and then beat the crap out of it with a rolling pin – – or for the less violent, roll it flat.  The process of beating, or rolling it, will soften it and it will warm up faster.

As for me?

I just cut butter into smaller pieces and leave it out on the counter, preferably near a warm stove, for about 30 minutes.  That leaves it soft and warmed to room temperature and ready to whip up into something yummy.


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